Thursday, October 21, 2010


What? You want to see the dog, too? She can be hard to photograph! (Unless you want to see her little hiney trotting along in front of me, lol.) Here's what she's like when we're trying to get out the door:

And some of the sights we saw:

This was our first "spooky" sighting, but I'm sure it was unintentional on the part of the owners. This rocking horse has been outside long enough that most of the paint is gone, and the underlying plastic has faded to white. The sun shining behind and through it made it look positively spectral:

Other Halloween-ish views:

We walked rather farther than I'd realized, and the day was warmer than I realized. By the time we were a few blocks from home, we were both thoroughly ready to Be There. About a block and a half from the house, Ceili took advantage of a handy lawn, and lay down.

I told her, "We're almost home, baby. Let's go home," and she gamely got to her feet and trudged on, but the next house had another lawn, and she lay down again, panting. So I stood there, and let her rest for a few minutes, and then told her, "We're almost there. You want to go home? Let's go home." That time we made it all the way to our own back yard, where she promptly walked up onto the grass, and lay down, tummy pressed against the cool lawn.

I decided she was on the right track, chose the nearest bench, and took off my socks. Ahhh.

Ceili was So tired.

I mean, Really tired.

She was not the only tired "dog" in our yard, either!

I'd been sitting there for a few minutes, enjoying the late sunshine, when I looked down at the base of the rosebush I was near. What is my little cherub doing there?

Doesn't she look like she's resting her nose on the base of that wire table, and sighing?


Parsley said...

AWWWW...that made me smile! Such a pretty pup!

Lululiz said...

The photo of your little cherub made me giggle, definitely resting the cute little nose on the wire.

Ceili really is the cutest little thing, I just want to give her big cuddles.

storybeader said...

lots of goulish views! That little cherub is kinda scary... peering over the fence at you! Ceili is a cutie!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Ceili reminds me of Harley anxious at the door :)
Love your macro flower pics and that horse really looks cool in the light!

TiLT said...

great spookies!

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