Thursday, October 14, 2010


There was an article on the front page of the newspaper this morning on the value of walking. Like we didn't know walking is good for us, right?

According to the article, though, walking not only keeps you fit, it keeps your brain healthy. Women who get in a couple of miles a day have a much lower incidence of dementia, and a smaller pants size. Okay, they didn't actually say that last bit, but the woman they profiled wears a size two. You are allowed a certain amount of inference, I do believe.

Also, our little dog has been gaining weight since we switched her to canned food. She has half an acre to run on, but will sleep most of the day, left to her own devices. She needs to walk, too.

So we both turned over a new leaf (I hope) and took advantage of a day of purely glorious fall weather and set out.

We have a new harness for Ceili that puts pressure on her chest when she pulls, rather than her neck. She's an eager little thing, and I have known her to pull so hard on the leash that she walks on her hind feet while her front paws paddle through thin air, so I was willing to try something different. Sure enough, that chest pressure calmed her right down, and walking with her was pure pleasure!

I took my camera. Of course. Here are some of the day's photos:

Mahogany Red

Shhh! I'm hiding.

The Curl

On the Sidewalk

Furled Again

As is my habit, I played with filters on several of these, and clicking on them will give you more detail. And do you see the bug in the one I captioned "Shhh! I'm hiding."? It's there, and you'll see it if you do click.


memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

What a great new habit to pick up :) Great photos too!

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