Friday, October 8, 2010


I played with today's fence a lot. The gate, with the trellises to either side of it just made for, I think, an awesome background for collage, particularly now, when Fall has arrived and Halloween is just a couple of weeks away.

Feel free to take these images for your own use. Just click on them, and they'll enlarge. Use the F11 key to eliminate all the top and bottom stuff on your screen, and they'll get even bigger. Then right click and select either "Copy image" or "Save image". Press F11 again to get back to "normal". (Sorry for not knowing the Mac commands!)

In another vein, I'm planning on making this a blog party! Next Friday will (should) mark my 60th Friday Fence Post. It seems like an appropriate time to ask others to Meme-Along-With-Me, and I'd be thrilled if you did!

Crafting with two of my daughters and three of my granddaughters Saturday morning. Bliss happens!


storybeader said...

what nice wood! Glad you had some time to sit down with the girls! {:-D

LeX said...

the last photo reminds me of dr seuss.

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