Friday, October 22, 2010


It's Friday, so time for a Friday Fence Post! Join this meme--it's EASY. Just grab the Friday Fence Post button in my left sidebar, and put it on your own blog. That's first. Then make your own Friday Fence Post on your blog, come back here, and drop the link to it in the Mr Linky. Be sure the link is the perma-link to that particular post, and not to your general blog, so that we'll be taken to your fence(s) when we click on it.

I promise to come see every Fence Post you drop and leave a comment!

This new routine of walking a couple of miles every day has had a side benefit: Lots of fences! I've got a whole collection saved up now, for use in future posts.

As I've walked and checked out the neighborhood fences, I've pondered the question: What makes a fence interesting?

Answer: The decision to photograph it!

Granted, there are some boring fences out there. Brand-new, spiffy fences are generally harder to capture, for me, anyway. They simply haven't developed any character yet. But if you look carefully, and experiment with camera angles and range, it's amazing what you'll see in a lot of fences that strike you, at first, as not worth the effort!

Here are today's fences:

And one fence I couldn't get, because my little friend refused to stop blocking it:

And that nasturtium at the top of this post? It was on top of a fence!

It pays to looks up, over the tops of the fences. You just never know who's watching:


storybeader said...

yes, I like the old, mildewed fences best! and rock! fences!!That looked like a potato, on the top with the nasturtium! Did the pup not notice the kitty?

Splendid Little Stars said...

What fun! You see the most interesting things on your walks! Ceili! She probably thought you wanted to photograph her and she was just being helpful!
I am very excited about your fence post meme! so glad you started it!

TiLT said...

love the fences! I kept my eye out on my walk...found a few that I plan to snap some shots of next week...when it's not drizzling :P

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