Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tuesday: Clematis, Lysimachia, Danger Flowers

Tuesday was fun. I planted:

Passion Flower "Maypop"

Lysimachia Clethroides, aka Goose Goes Walking

Clematis Multi Blue

I'd wanted the Goose Goes Walking for years, having seen it at a friend's home. The last time I went to Garden Fever, I just mentioned it to one of the employees, as we were looking at a plant I didn't choose.

"What I'd really like is some 'Goose Goes Walking'. It's a lysimachia, but there are so many varieties of that..."

"Oh! You mean 'Gooseneck Loosestrife? It seems to me we have one left."

Imagine my surprise. Honestly, I'd never seen it anywhere but at Cindy's, and then at Edgefield. I never dreamed it would be as easy as going to Garden Fever.

I will mention that it's a spreader, to the point of invasiveness. The bed I've put it in is bordered on three sides by concrete, and on the fourth by a house. Just sayin'...

The DH did some planting, too, another surprise, not because he planted, but because of what he put in the flower bed:

Danger Flowers

If I ever get enough jar lids collected to make any, I'll do a tutorial on them. I know Ruby, who I bought them from won't mind, as she has a philosophy of teaching anyone who wants to know how to do them. In fact, she was giving demonstrations of how to make them at the Cracked Pots Garden Show, where I got these.


Kara Witham said...

O my Lord! That Passion Flower is amazing! I've never seen something like that...

mizmollye said...

OK Anitra I've seen it all now. The Goose Goes Walking is new for me. They do actually look like a flock of geese pecking around. And if you've ever raised geese you know! I have and they always make me nervous because they want to get behind me and peck my behind. They just love taking a chomp from my butt cheeks. My youngest son is a horticulturist with the city and I bet even he has never seen this. And the alum. flowers, please hurry with the tutorial as there are so many in my family who could grow these. Have a great weekend.

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