Saturday, September 19, 2009


One day down of the Portland Pirate Festival, and all things considered, not a bad day. It was raining when I woke up, and as I dressed, fixed breakfast, and ate. It was raining as I drove to Cathedral Park in St Johns. I was damp, damper, dampest as I unloaded things and took them to the tent I'd set up yesterday.

You know, a chilly drizzle is not good news for a face painter!

Fortunately, the rain tapered off by early afternoon, and after a while the sun even came out. As usual, I enjoyed myself. I mean, what's not to like about tickling little and big kids with a wet paintbrush, and then collecting smiles, thank you's, and five dollars?!

At one point, I decided to stretch my legs. I asked the folks in the next booth not to let mine walk away while I was gone, and a sturdy gentleman volunteered to handle my customers in my absence. I came back to this:

Uhm...I think maybe he meant that "handle" a bit more literally than I'd thought!

Sun forecast for tomorrow. I'm going to set my hair, and get to bed. Sun and a pirate festival can translate into a very busy day. Yay!


storybeader said...

Well, at least she's old enough to get her chest tickled! And she may go and get her friends... {:-D

mizmollye said...

Yep what a great walking billboard display of his talents. hoo hoo what fun! And just think if you had stayed we might have been looking at some new artwork on you instead of her giggle giggle. And also ironic as this weekend we are too going to our church festival which happens to be named St Johns and is the Cathedral!

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