Thursday, September 24, 2009

PICTURE A DAY, 09/24/09

I'm still being traumatized by my camera card. Twice today, I've taken pictures, and some time later put the card into the laptop, only to find...nothing. No new photos at all. Fortunately, that $40 program I bought recovered most of them, and I did make an excursion to Office Depot and picked up a new card.

Here's the photo for today, of the watercolor painting that hangs above our bed:

DH gave it to me for Christmas several years ago, bought because of my love for fairies. It made it into my camera today because I needed the image for an art project I'm planning.

(Hope I haven't scandalized anyone here!)


Vanessa said...

Don't you just hate camera issues...or really any issues with technology! Beautiful painting!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Very pretty :)

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