Wednesday, September 9, 2009


So, my DH and I are expecting our first great-grandson. The baby shower is next Friday, and I have been shopping. Is there anything to give more joy? I mean, shopping for baby things is, for me, so much fun that I even shopped for my ex-husband's first great-grandchild! Of course, I was with my daughter, which turns anything we do into a party, but anyway...

What I was going to say is, I was having so much fun shopping that I decided to show off what I found. No, I did not buy everything you'll see on this page. These are just things that made my mouth go round, and a little ooh come out. And they're all on Etsy, so they're all handmade, which gives them that little extra-special something. Look:

It's an eclectic group, for sure, and I do have favorites. I love, love, love the cupcakes! They're made by folding onesies and bibs and washcloths to resemble cupcakes, and packaged as though they were. I mean, how cute is that?!

Then there's the emergency rock star kit, and the retro-cool guitar set, and that darling little hat...

And all the while, I have to keep reminding myself that while it might be coming on Fall here, it's late winter/early spring in New Zealand. Can't be sending the baby down overalls for summer!

Oh, but it is fun, just the infanticipating. I'm smiling and smiling.

Almost forgot! Clicking on an image will take you to the Etsy shop where you can see more about it, and also see what else that seller has.


mizmollye said...

Oh Anitra You are going to enjoy this baby like crazy. I think the great grands are so much more enjoyed for some reason. Not to say I love them more but maybe because I see how much of a joy they are to my children as THEIR grandchildren brings doubles the pleasure of them and too just being
"older" and completely not responsible for gives us a chance to just enjoy and have fun with. Congratulations and prayers for good health for baby and mom. Have a blast shopping and just go hog wild!

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