Saturday, August 29, 2009


I just saw the coolest thing on Miz Mollye's blog! She'd seen one of these

on Art in Red Wagons, from a puzzle piece art swap, but missed the swap. So she created her own solo version, doing all the pieces for it herself:

I thought the puzzle piece art was so cool, I did a Google search. Turns out the things are all over the place, with swaps going on pretty regularly. I still haven't run across an entry that tells how the swaps actually work, but there's sure to be one out there somewhere. Anyway, here's another one from Alcoholinky:

And another from Art Chicks, featuring Cindy McMath:

I can't help it. I think these are totally cool. Oddly, although they're closely related to ATC (Art Trading Cards), they appeal to me more strongly. It has to be the shape, because I can't think of any other real difference--both are small artworks created to trade or give away, both often feature collaged images and words, but the ATC are always the size and shape of a playing card.

It just hit me: The only thing missing from this blog is a picture of my own puzzle piece art. That most likely is the result of my not having done one yet, an omission I do believe I will take care of immediately.


Kimmie said...

I did my swap in a yahoo group I belong to. It was a blast and all the participants followed through by 1) completing the swap and, 2) doing their best work. Some swaps are not so successful .....

thanks for linking my work :)

mizmollye said...

Hey Anitra, So glad you did your homework on this puzzling dilemma. However, I still don't get how they actually work do you? I mean who gets what when it is over?????? I can't wait to make another, I have so many themes in my head. Hurry up and do yours because I know it will be waaaaaaaaay over the top! xox Mollye

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