Friday, September 18, 2009


Well, just like Pragmatist's, my camera card bit the dust today. I had nearly 500 photos on that thing, many of them from our trip to the coast. I bought a CardRecovery program, choking over the $40 price, which just about cleaned my PayPal account out, as I've been spending more than I'm making of late. But I wasn't going to lose those shots if I could help it.

Since it took me all evening to recover the files and then reformat the card, my picture for the day is one that the card screwed up for me, just to show what that can do. And that's why this Picture a Day photo is called "Dang It!".

There's a lot of white space up there. It's the bottom of what's left of the photo. Sigh. Well, I recovered a lot of the pictures, if not all.

Tomorrow is the Pirate Festival. And Sunday. It's supposed to rain until noon tomorrow, and then warm up to about 70. I'll be painting faces for it, dressed in my pirate wench costume. Sunday they forecast sunny, so at least part of the weekend should be actual fun!


storybeader said...

that's a horrible thing to happen! The recovery card is worth it! Hope the recovery effort gets better.

I woke up today to rain! And I have an outdoor festival, with no tent! Will find out if it's wet 50 miles southwest of me... or if they cancelled the festival....

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