Friday, February 25, 2011


Didn't know if there'd be a Friday Fence Post this week, since I was down with a bug for most of it, but today dawned bright, and the only cold was outside. Mine was (mostly) gone. Out I went, with the camera in the front seat of the car, to do the grocery shopping and see what I could find.

Once again, a fence I must surely have seen many times grabbed my attention:

The last two I used filters and other adjustments on. In fact, if you went out and found that fence, you'd see that the ivy is actually green right now. But isn't it lovely in shades of brown, rust, and purple? Pure happy accident, just playing with the "Adjust Hue" window.

Anyone out there spotted a good fence this week? Let's see it!


storybeader said...

at first I thought the red "thing" was a fence - guess it's a storage box. No trespassing! The fence area with only the slats look like a city skyline to me! Glad you're feeling better. {:-D

Splendid Little Stars said...

You find the best fences!
I'm in the Cayman Islands right now, seeing some very cool fences and trying to get some photos.

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