Thursday, February 17, 2011

THRIFTY THURSDAY: Lovely Handkerchiefs

Yesterday, just because I was mere blocks away from it, I stopped into one of the thrift shops I frequent. (PACs, on 108th & NE Halsey, for those in the Portland area.) As I parked, I realized the date was the 16th, just one day past their tag change day, when everything that hasn't sold for half-price drops down to a mere twenty-five cents. Yay!

So, okay. The handkerchiefs above weren't on sale. But full price was fifty cents apiece; I got the whole ten for $5!

And while I didn't take pictures, I also got three LIFE magazines from the 70's for twenty-five cents each, plus several vintage childrens books, and a novel by an unfamiliar author, all for a quarter apiece, plus one tee shirt for me that I spent a whopping dollar and a half on. Oh, and four really pretty note cards for fifteen cents each.

Do you have a favorite thrift shop? What sorts of things do you look for when you go?


TiLT said...

nice finds :) I have not ventured into thrift or vintage stores here...but we go to them whenever we go to other places. I do need to find some I like around here - I think my problem is those I have found & liked cost so much more than new stuff that I can't afford anything :P (we have more vintage than thrift)

Splendid Little Stars said...

That's awesome! One can find wonderful things at thrift stores usually at very low prices.

Splendid Little Stars said...

PS: When my daughter was young, she collected vintage handkerchiefs.

Felicity said...

Great scores!

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