Friday, February 18, 2011


I know it isn't spring. C'mon. It snowed yesterday! It's supposed to be in the twenties tonight, and may snow over the weekend. But there are flowers. I smile just to think it. There are flowers.

Click on any of the fences to see them full-size. If you do that, you'll see I've played with the filters on several. I Do love those Photoshop filters!

Your turn! I want to see some fences from other places, found by other eyes! Post yours, and drop your link in Mr Linky here, and I'll come visit. (I have a feeling I won't be the only visitor you get, either!)

In other news, if you're in the Portland area, this weekend is the Yard, Garden, and Patio Show at the Convention Center. My booth is #128, against the back wall, straight back from the entrance. It's a wonderful show, and will have you itching to go out and get gardening, all the while giving you great ideas and showing you new plants. (I spotted a couple I'll HAVE to have while I was putting the finishing touches on my booth today.)

And I'd love to see my friends there, especially some of those I haven't met in person yet!


storybeader said...

yeah for fences and flowers. Seem to go together! Have fun at the show, and take pictures! Yeah for Booth #128 !!

Anonymous said...

We are a ways away from spring here. While we enjoyed some nice days (if you don't add in the 45mph wind chill) forcast for Sunday is another 10 inches of snow.

I am thinking a trip to botanical domes would be wonderful right now.

Splendid Little Stars said...

fun fence photos!
I hope we are done with snow here. A few days ago was the first day of the entire Winter there hasn't been at least patches of snow on the ground. I'm voting for Spring!
Have a fabulous show! Sell and sell and sell! And then do show us some photos. I'm curious about the plants....

Mollye said...

Hi honey I don't have a thing to add except as usual you've captured elegance in simplicity. I miss you and was just thinking of you, Luv you, Mollye

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