Saturday, February 12, 2011

SWAP-BOT SATURDAY: ATC's, Altered Puzzle Piece

I am loving Swap-bot, both for the creative outlet it gives me, and the inspiration of other artists! This week I worked on several ATC's and my first puzzle piece. The ATC above was sent to me by one of my Foreign Language ATC swap partners. Isn't it glamorous?

The piece below is my very first altered puzzle piece. I'm happy with the results, and was surprised to discover that the hardest part of it was finding a puzzle piece to use! When it was finished, I used a leather punch to punch holes in the top, and attached jump rings for the slender silver necklace. The dangle at the bottom is an old earring I found somewhere, and saved, quite literally, for years, because I just Knew there'd be something it would come in handy for. The recipient has already written to say she loves the necklace--YAY!!

These next to ATC's are my creations for the Foreign Language ATC swap. The first is simple and straightforward, but

don't ask me what this one "means", because I have no clue. It just seemed to happen.

The last two ATC's, I created for a swap that required you to use at least one piece of punched paper. I couldn't decide whether to glue that word, "Deal", down or not, so left it loose in the ATC envelope, putting the decision of whether or not to use it in other hands.

This last one I've already shown, but since it was my other piece for the Punch Art ATC, I'll put it in again.

What about you? Do you make ATC's? Have you posted any lately? I'd love to see them! Just drop a link in a comment, and I'll come look!


Splendid Little Stars said...

These are so cool and creative! I'd love to get into making ATCs sometime because they seem like so much fun! (But first I have other stuff to finish.)

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Those are a lot of fun! Love the puzzle piece necklace...very creative!

Judy Nolan said...

Ani, I really like what you are doing with these ATCs. For me, the one I like best is the one with the words going around in the washing machine, and the words handing on the laundry line.

By the way, I looked everywhere for where to post a comment. I finally found the place, but on my monitor the white text against a light blue background is almost invisible.

MOLLYE said...

Hey Anitra, I am so happy seeing how your art has progressed. You are just having too much fun and it shows. Everything has the Ani stamp on it and just says "Playful and Fun". Happy V. Day, Mollye

storybeader said...

I love puzzles, and have been making new things with them. You'll see this Thursday, on my post! I've been thinking of starting to make ATC, but they're so small! A lot of imagination in a small space! {:-D

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