Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I thought for this week's Tuesday Take-out we'd do something a little different--vintage faces, instead of line art. Feel free to save these and use as you will. (Leave me a comment, if you'd like to make me smile really big!)

These images are quite large. Just click on them to see them full-size, and if you're not sure they're at their biggest, try pressing the F11 key. That will get rid of all the extraneous stuff at the top and bottom of your screen. To get it all back, press F11 again.

These are photos I've collected over time. Such wonderful faces, and interesting expressions. Who were they? What were they thinking?


MOLLYE said...

I am thinking of a new "Contest"

One where you post an interesting face and ask for comments on who is this and what is she/he thinking and draw a name for a prize based on whichever one gets the most votes> ha ha ha whatcha think. Love you, Mollye

Erika said...

I love looking at old photos. When I was in college I was always so tempted to buy vintage photos but I thought of my meager pocketbook and how strange it was to have photos of people you do not know.

I buy them now!

storybeader said...

Working in the archives, I see photos ALL the time, but the one with the two children is very beautiful!

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