Friday, March 4, 2011


Here we go again! A new Friday, and a new fence! Someday I will learn this: Never leave home without the camera. This fence was alongside the parking lot of a thrift store here in town. I hadn't intended to stop, but I knew I had a tail light out and didn't want the cop in the lane next to me to notice it, so I swung in. Isn't that awful? But then there was this fence...which I had to come back to the next day, because I didn't have the camera. Tch tch.

 Click on them to get the full effect!

Your turn? Anybody else have a fence this week? Drop the link to your photo(s) in Mr Linky so I can come see it!


storybeader said...

good thinking{:-D The weather really wears on your wood up there!

Ani said...

It does! I hadn't really thought about it, until you said so, though. And that's funny, because when we were in Arizona, I often noticed how the heat and dry weather shriveled and dessicated the fences down there! I guess we don't notice what we're used to, lol.

Tim said...

a bit of lace along the fence?!
I know exactly what you mean about not having a camera with you when you want it.

Tim said...

(Tim is me!)

Tim said...

sigh... it still says Tim. This is Splendid.

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