Friday, February 4, 2011


Time, once again, for a Friday Fence Post. Today's featured fence has been here before, but my Dear Husband suggested I do it again, because time and weather have worked on it. An update seemed appropriate.

Here's how the fence looked, back in September of 2008:

And here it is now:

This is the other side of that same fence, where the sage has pushed the boards away, and come through.

And this is also the same fence, but I took the shot to show off one of my latest projects--a garland, which I sent off to my Swap-bot partner, earlier this week. I loved making it, and loved the results.

In fact, I enjoyed this so much, I'm thinking of making them to sell:

What do you think? Opinions, anyone?

Your turn now. Got a fence you'd like to share? Drop the link to it in Mr Linky here, and I'll come visit! Mr Linky is here all week, so don't feel like you've missed your chance if you don't get yours in on a Friday. Stop by with it anytime!


majeral said...

Hello Darling... I think they are great (don't forget to make purple , Violet, mauve, penguins.. oh lol thats me ..
How are you? I keep seeing a fence and forget my camera will try harder.

Donna said...

The garland is great! I definitely think you should make more.

Love how the fence aged.


storybeader said...

I think the garland is great, and a nice way to decorate the backyard. Lots of people have backyards! I love wicker furniture... my has snow on them right now! {:-D

Studio B (UberArt) said...

Glad to see your fence posts are back! The fence has aged quite gracefully!

Here is my fence post...couldn't find the linky thing, are you still doing it?

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