Thursday, August 27, 2009


I did something unusual today. For me, anyway. In a moment of self-indulgence, I went out to the swing in the yard, set between two trees, its frame half-covered with wisteria, and sat. Just sat. Bare feet swinging in gentle arcs, I enjoyed the shade, on this 93 degree Thursday.

When the guilt of just sitting was too much to squelch, I headed back inside, but not before noticing a tiny arm lying nearby. I had to smile at the contradiction it implied: I threw away the fairy figurine it used to be attached to, but kept the arm itself.

So I picked it up, and carried it to one of the big bowls of flowers, and gave it a new home:

Another sight that made me smile: our little Ceili finding her own way to stay cool, by lying on the grass in the shade, with her chin resting on a concrete step:


mizmollye said...

Oh my gosh miz anitra, you're cracking me up with that gal burried in the dirt like that. She's trying to claw her way out. And don't you just hate that we can't even enjoy a simple few moments of peace and solitude without feeling guilty. Is this a condition that begins with OCD or what? HELP

majeral said...

HUmmm I am afraid to ask what you did with the rest of her? When you move out of this house will the next people find other body parts? euuuuu
Maybe thats WHY YOUR MORNING GLORY'S GREW SO BIG ?? I know bone meal is good for soil. but gosh Anitra the whole body?

mizmollye said...

OK you little antsy pantsy girl................the winner of the contest/giveaway will be announced TUESDAY the 1st of Sept. So still time for entries! I will be honored for you to post a link to my puzzling stuff. and guess what? Your blog ALREADY rocks!

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