Friday, August 21, 2009


I went over to my daughter's the other day, to visit, love on the grandkids, play Scrabble, and make Tea Kettle Characters dance. We did it all, and on top of that, I got some great fences!

Triangulated Picket


Painted Zigzags

Like Stained Glass

They have a great barn for the camera, too. Here are a few shots, and I'm looking forward to getting more sometime, as the possibilities seem to be limited only by the time available.

You can click on the photos to see them full-size and at full resolution. With the Zigzag series, differences show up that aren't apparent when you're looking at the smaller version.


mizmollye said...

Oh these are rich! Don't ya just love the images taken from the "who woudda thought it"? Gloriously satisfying. Also a personal invite to you and your dear readers to come visit my blog and enter my Contest Giveaway. Will be fun! xox Mollye

Anonymous said...

I love Scrabble :)

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