Tuesday, August 11, 2009


More photos of the new Tea Kettle Characters:

That's all! Not much of an entry, so here's just a smidge more: My kitchen is CLEAN! Oh, bliss. And the dining room is looking a whole lot better, and both cars are actually parked IN the carport. Tomorrow I will finish the dining room, and plant all those pots of lovely plants that are patiently waiting for earthly homes.

G'night, all!


mollye said...

ha ha ha I'm laughing so hard. What a great job on both gal. Rosie is a well just a precious thing but Eula well she's truly a gem. My (late) mother-in-law left a huge collection of teapots and I'd love to do something with a few of them but my hubby would FREAK out so that's out of the question. If I ever see anything really unique in my junkings in the way of coffeepots, I'll get it and send it as a little surprise to you.

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