Saturday, June 27, 2009


Meet Weston Maine, our newest city councilman.

Weston ran with the promise of humility, and an ear for the people. Weston's brand of governing did not assume the people needed someone to tell them what was best for them, and ignore what they actually wanted. The voters marked thir ballots for him in emphatic numbers.

Weston is set now to take over the Water Department. He has some promises to keep--a rate cut on the Storm Water Management bill for people with dry wells on their property, and a new program to sell rain barrels to the citizenry, at a discount, similar to the one the county has for compost bins. Weston's thinking is that saving rain water keeps it out of the storm drains, and lets people water their plants and lawns without using good drinking water, or draining their bank accounts to do it.

He's got a thoughtful brand of Green.

You can meet Weston in person this weekend at the Vancouver Recycled Arts Festival, in Ester Shore Park. All the pertinent info is here.

(Oh, and yes, that is a water sprinkler on his head. You can totally water your lawn with him. He's all over that one.)


Anonymous said...

The eyes are so cute, I love the pink lids.

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