Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Today was a lazy day, and not as productive as it probably should have been, but I did get several Coffee Pot People completely painted, and several more are in process, to be finished tomorrow.

This is Ginny. She a little shy, but when you've won her trust, and she starts smiling, watch out. The girl is dynamite. She's wrangled a job in D.C. for the summer, and plans to maneuver herself into a permanent, full-time position before the season's out. Why? Because she wants to save the world, of course, and she figures there's no better place to start than Washington.

Molly, on the other hand, is all about books. It isn't that she's all that studious or erudite, and she's certainly not pedantic. She just loves to read. She loves the stacks of books at the library, the way the spines feel when she runs her hand along the tight-packed rows, the way a room full of books smells, even. So she did the logical thing: She opened her own bookstore, so she could be surrounded by books all day. Who's going to complain if a bookstore owner has her nose stuck in a book during work hours, after all? It's her job! There are a lot of folks who figure that's what put that lopsided grin on her face. They'd be right.

There's something a bit fishy about Forbes. No, actually, there's something a lot fishy about Forbes, right down to his full name: Forbes Waterston Trout. He has embraced his monicker. He has darned near embraced all things aquatic. Seriously. This guy will even water your lawn. Of course, that does bring the earthworms to the surface, and they make fine bait. He probably won't volunteer that information, though. (Note: That is a working water sprinkler on top of his head.)

In other news, the oxalis is blooming. I love this ground cover. Mom has no fondness for it, because it really does spread, and is getting into her plant-with-a-name-I-can-neither-spell-nor-pronounce.

We were down at her place last week, and I dug up several plant starts--a beautiful red columbine, a clump of Jupiter's Beard, and some Bishop's Weed. With that one, seeing the variegated foliage drifting through the big front flower bed, I exclaimed, "Oh, you have Bishop's Weed!"

Mama misheard me, and replied, "Yes, it really is a vicious weed!"

That has become its new name, and we chuckle each time we use it.


Anonymous said...

hehe I luv the curly girly one on top :)

...let us know what today is inspiring to you and are you imagining something...? -- in my latest blog post here:

Yay, thanks!

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