Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Meet Sandie, who ran away to join the circus, apprenticed as a horseback rider/dancer, rose to her brand of stardom, and never once looked back. Okay. She made that up. Actually, she does data entry for a local utility, while raising three beautiful kids, four hamsters, and one cranky canary. Add in a husband with a penchant for impulse remodeling projects, and she figures that's enough circus for anyone, and on days when life gets especially hectic she awards herself the title, "Ring Mistress to the World!", which has a tendency to put a twinkle in her eyes, and a dimple in her cheek.

Mike Stand is a microphone addict, what they used to call a ham. He just loves the spotlight. Thank goodness, he has the talent and willingness to work hard to develop it, so people aren't sorry to see him with that microphone in his hand! He does still have a day job, which he thoroughly enjoys, cycling through downtown delivering documents that need to get there now, but at the rate he's going, it's only a matter of time until he's full-time on the comedy circuit.

Madeline is known by her friends as the group's "Martha Stewart". Most of the time, she deserves that title, but she does have a secret: Other things are often higher on her list of priorities than presenting a beautiful home and delicious meals. Sometimes if you happen to peek into the spare room, or the coat closet, or the big pantry, you'll find what could only be described as A Mess. Once in a while, that luscious pasta salad, heaped into a colorful ceramic bowl and brought to the potluck, was actually carefully chosen, rather than prepared. She'd never outright lie about that, but she can be remarkably evasive.

Like I said, it's her dark secret, but it doesn't hurt anyone, and she never asked to be "Martha". Sometimes she wonders how that happened in the first place.

Oh. Remember the wig I was making the other day? Madeline is wearing it.


Kara Witham said...

I like the little white hands on Mike.

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