Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I had two shows and a class reunion over the weekend. The first show was kind of a bust--one small sale. I did have a very nice time getting to know my tent-mate. We'd met on a number of occasions, but never had a chance to really visit. A s-l-o-o-o-w Saturday sale gave us time to talk, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, finding Mary has had a very interesting and varied life.

We packed up fairly early, and I went to that class reunion, our (holy cow) forty-first. It was sweet, and I wish I had photos, but my camera battery died. Got the camera out, aimed it, and got the message "Battery Depleted". sigh.

The class reunion was supposed to be over at 7:30. None of us wanted to leave, the banquet room hadn't been reserved, and the staff didn't seem to have a problem with cleaning up around us, so we stayed. It was going on nine when I got home.

Up early, then, for the Sunday show. That was a much better kettle of fish, for me, at least. It was a garden tour combined with an art/craft/plant show, and I did well. Actually, it appeared to me that anyone who was selling plants or garden art did.

Biggest thrill: Two vendors over was a woman I recognized, but couldn't place. Lucky for me, she knew who I was! I nannied her two children twelve years ago. It was so lovely to reconnect, see pictures of Joni''s daughter, now a lovely young teen, and get to re-meet her son, seventeen, and probably close to six feet tall. The amazing thing was, except for the fact that he was greatly elongated, he still looked just like his five-year-old self! He didn't remember me at all, but that was okay. I remembered him.

Biggest mistakes: I forgot to bring the little tub I put cool water in when it's hot, to stand in. If I can keep my feet cool, I'm usually all right. Otherwise, I have an alarming tendency to first swell up, especially my hands and feet, and then pass out. Got that from my Mom. I did the only thing I could think of, pouring small amounts of water over my feet on a small square of carpet. That averted heat stroke.

Other BIG mistake: I didn't notice that one of the credit card slips I ran got shuffled under the slider, and when I tried to run the card today, I saw there was no way on earth to read the number. No number, no money. I called the buyer, and am praying she returns my call and doesn't have a problem with reading me the number over the phone. Otherwise, I just ate $110. Ouch.

Well, live and learn. I don't usually make the same mistake twice, but I sure hate making them the first time!


Debbie said...

well you had a crazy weekend. I sure hope you get your money on that sale

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