Monday, June 1, 2009


I have been working my everlovin' butt off (you should pardon the expression), but to good effect. DH has, too. There's something oddly cozy about knowing we're both toiling away, both at home, albeit in different locations, me out front, and Bob in the central yard. (Should I explain that? Our "back" yard is actually shared by four homes, so we think of it as the central yard.)

Bob has been wanting to level the yard ever since we bought this place, nine years ago. It's lumpy, and has a downward slope from west to east. He decided this was the year to finally undertake the project.

He started by building a low wall, and putting in a sort of entry, comprised of two pedestals. He's ready now to till up the existing grass, put in fill dirt, and then sod the lawn. Turns out sodding it will not be nearly as expensive as we'd expected, and his past experience with seeding a new lawn has left him reluctant to go that route again--whole lotta weeds, and a splatter of spindly, sickly grass seems to have been the result of that effort.

Pictures of the project in process:

In the meantime, I've been making Mega- and China- Blossoms in the carport out front. It started out looking like this:

Of course, making the Blossoms actually entails bringing out every single piece of glass I've collected over the weeks and months, because as simple as they appear to be, each of them seems to require more experimentation and arranging than you'd ever imagine, especially with the Mega Blossoms. With those, proportion is as much in play as color, or even more so, and while I might think I have exactly the right piece to go with another one, more often than not, it doesn't look quite right and I have to try something else.

But oh, I do love that moment when I look at a glass composition and it's Perfect, so perfect that nothing else even comes close.

Below are a few of the China Blossoms I got done, or almost done, anyway. I still have to do the back pieces for them. Trip to the hardware store tomorrow, to buy a coil of copper, then.

I'm a little surprised not to have photos in the camera of the new Mega Blossoms. That's another task for tomorrow.

In the recent past, as in over the weekend: Two shows, and a class reunion. I was so tired last night, I hit the mattress at the unheard of hour of 7:30, and didn't get up until nearly twelve hours later!


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