Thursday, June 4, 2009


I had plans today, to make more Mega Blossoms, photograph them, and also fix a certain recipe out-of-doors and blog the recipe. My plans were on track until I realized I needed more glue.

When I started the car, the radio came on, and for the first time in my experience the Emergency Broadcast System was playing something other than a it's-all-right-we're-just-testing-the-equipment announcement. Big storm coming. Get indoors. Stay away from the windows. Expect rain, wind, lightning, and hail the size of quarters. Wowza. I took a look at the sky, decided I had time to make it to the store and back, and headed out, calling Mama on the way, to tell her about the warning.

By the time I had my glue in hand, the wind was whipping the trees around, rain was beginning to pelt and spatter, and small tree limbs were littering the ground. I called Bob, and asked him to help me get all the glass under cover.

That was the end of my Mega building for today, and the demise of any plan to cook outside.

However, I did have my camera out today. The roses had caught my attention. First I took the sort of photo I usually would take:

Apricot Glory

Then the dying blossoms caught my eye. How could something so clearly on the edge of the grave be so lovely, and interesting as well? They were, though.

After the rose arbor came the front yard. I'd been tying up the heavy heads of the peonies. But before I got to them, there was that new and wonderful euphorbia. I think I could fill beds and beds with different euphorbias, there's so much variety! And no flowers, just spectacular leaves, or more specifically, bracts.

Finally, the peonies, a favorite of mine since childhood, when they bloomed between the house and the orchard, just yards from my bedroom window.

Well, maybe those Mega Blossoms will get made tomorrow. As Burns said, "The best laid plans o' mice and men gang aft agley". (You may know that axiom as, "The best laid plans of mice and men oft go astray" but I do enjoy the dialect it was written in.)

By the way, my horoscope for this week explained the term, "quincunx", a term used in astrology to denote "creative tension". The writer said to imagine, for example, an Italian woman and an American man meeting, and feeling a strange affinity and attraction to each other, even though they could barely communicate. It seems, according to this astrologist, that we Capricorns are currently in a state of quincunx with the entire world. Oh, goody.



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