Monday, June 22, 2009


Aren't incredibly busy days when you get lots and lots done just the best?

Yesterday started at 3am. I am not joking. That's the time the dog has chosen for "morning", and she was squeaking and yelping to be let out, so I got up and let her out, pointed out her rug outside our bedroom door when she came back in, and climbed back into bed. Except I couldn't get back to sleep. About the time I'd decided I might as well get up, I dozed off. It felt so late when I woke, I practically leapt from between the sheets. Dining room clock: 4:45. Oh, well. Not as if there weren't plenty to do.

I busied myself. Somewhere in the midst of wide-awake, moving the kayak to its new storage spot out back, breakfast, and time-to-get-outside-and-go-to-work, hubby and the dog found time for a nap.

Things I got done yesterday included making hummingbird nectar and filling the new feeder, forming a long S-hook for it from sturdy wire, and hanging it in front of the kitchen window. Isn't it beautiful? It was a Goodwill find, and just $4, so Bob got it for Father's Day, along with a jazzy, snazzy new stud finder.

The hummingbird nectar recipe was online, and much easier than expected: Add one part sugar to four parts water, and stir until dissolved. No cooking required, and since the feeder is colored, no problematic food coloring, either.

I spent a lot of time in my shop, too, as there are two shows this weekend to do, and I need enough Coffee Pot People to populate both of them. I'm aiming for ten, and am almost there. For one of them, I needed to make a metal "wig", a pleasant process that involved sitting on the deck in the bright shade.

I was able to talk to Bob as he worked, much more physically, on the lawn. He'd previously sprayed it with vinegar, an herbicide par excellence, and nicely non-toxic. The next step was to go over the yard several times with the rototiller, remove all the dead grass and roots from the dirt, and repeat the process. Believe you me, he slept well last night!

Bob was taking a break when his daughter called from New Zealand. That was a sweet ten minutes. I got to listen in. After that, I fixed us a lunch of salmon patties, tossed salad, and cold, sweet grapes. Figured as hard as Bob was working, I'd better fix him a better lunch than the usual can o' soup!

My day's only real interruption was actually kind of funny. I'd done a dry run assembly of the Coffee Pot Person I was working on, then decided to add one small part, but didn't do a second dry run. The phone rang, the one in my hip pocket, just after I realized that the "small part" was too big to let things come together properly. Of course, by that time, I'd bolted the entire assemblage together, and doused it with thick glue! I was trying to get it apart before it set up, glue all over everywhere, including the bolt, the top washers, the top nut, the pieces the bolt was strung through, and at least seven of my fingers, when the freakin' phone started ringing. How I got it out of my pocket and open without getting glue all over it and my jeans is beyond me. I flipped it open and put it on speaker and set it on the shelf near my head, and had a conversation that went something like, "No, that's fine. I'm okay. Oops! Oh, shoot. Hang on., that's okay. Got it now. I just had to...aack..." I picked glue off my hands for the rest of the day, and my pliers were left lying on the table, jaws spread, in fear that I'd never get them open otherwise.

Come to think of it, I slept pretty well last night myself.

Today: More Coffee Pot People. I'm hoping to assemble one more, then paint faces on the lot of them. It will take the day, tomorrow, to get them named and photographed, write their bios, and create the laminated tags that come with them. Load in for the first show is the day after that.

Here's to busy-ness!


the bear doctor said...

And that was just ONE day? Just reading it gets me tired. Next time just let the phone ring. Take a deep breath and say; "If it's important they'll ring again"

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