Friday, April 11, 2008


This is just a quick tip about something that's irksome to me, and probably to others, too: Ninnyhammers who stick paper labels to paper goods. I'm practically growling, just thinking about it.

I've ruined things, trying to peel the labels off. I've passed on buying things I wanted, because I was afraid removing the blasted label would peel off some of the paper, too.

Then, a couple of years ago, I tried something that actually worked. HEAT.

Get your blowdryer out, turn it on high, and hold it close to the label. When the label has heated up, gently pry up a corner or an edge, and peel back. It will lift off, usually not even leaving an adhesive residue.

This comes with a caveat: Be careful of your fingers! It takes a lot of heat, and you can't just heat up the label and then put the dryer down. Won't work. Be quick, or use pliers.

On a magazine cover or other flexible item, you can do what I (duh!) figured out today and heat the back of the paper, keeping that blast of superheated air away from your fingertips.

And that's the handy dandy tip for the day, and quite possibly for the week.

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