Monday, April 7, 2008


FrucciDesign had an item on the front page of Etsy yesterday that completely captivated and fascinated me. I wanted to show it, and a bunch of others off today. It's my "Ohhhh, wow" moment for the day. It was almost painful deciding what to show, because of what I'd be leaving out, so be sure and visit her shop at FrucciDesign.

Here's the photo that snagged me:

Oh, my. What IS that?

I followed it to this one:

They're origami pendants!

Here's a singleton:

Well, I have to say, reading that they were origami sent me out into the Wide World of the Web, where I found out these are assembled from single units of paper called sonobe. One website said the modules were easy to make, but assembling them into structures? Not so much. I can well believe it.

I think the sonobe units Frucci uses must be a variation. They do remind me of the gum wrapper chains we used to make when I was a kid, but ever so much cooler.

A few links, for sonobe origami:

Sonobe Instructions for Polyhedron
Sonobe Cubes, etc.
British Origami Society

A few more photos from FrucciDesigns:

Pearl and Paper Ring

Paper and Copper Cuff Bracelet

Thanks, Fru, for letting me share your work!


babyhoot. said...

wow, these are REALLY cool! off to check out their shop... nice find. :)

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