Sunday, April 20, 2008

Good Grief. SNOW!! (Photos)

Well, yesterday it snowed. I thought that was ridiculous. It does not snow here in later April. It just doesn't. Here are my Mom's poor pansies, shivering on the back deck:

Just to show me how silly my thoughts were yesterday, here's a shot from this morning:

A New Look for Cherry Blossoms

The sun's out now. The snow may not all melt today, but I should be able to make it home from Mom's. I've been near the Oregon coast all weekend, and we've had so much fun! (More photos, of our crafts, later.)

The drive home is through the Van Duzer corridor, but the snow plows (in April, for Pete's sake!) went by early this morning, and traffic is moving at its usual speedy pace.


SpottedCow said...

You can keep the snow! We're just now getting rid of our the winter snow here. LOL

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