Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Workshop (Photo)

I was looking for a certain photo a bit ago and ran across the folder that had pictures of my newish workshop in it. Dear Husband built it for me last fall, but I've used it very little, since it doesn't have heat. I love it, though, and now that spring is here, sort of (what lousy cold wet weather we're having!) I'm looking forward to getting out there again.

This is where I create the Coffee Pot People, China Blossoms, Tea Kettle Characters, and other garden art:

In other news, my morning has been seriously derailed. Not only can I not troop up and down the stairs, as I usually do, because DH is still working on the stair remodel (didn't like where they were!), but my cousin called and I spent an hour or two looking up vacation rentals for the Parker Ladies' Night Out, only to be told later we were going to just stay with the original. aaack.

Time to get myself back on track, so I think I'll head on over to Etsy. :o)


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