Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Musical Notes Stationary

I mentioned in my last post that Mom and I had done a couple of crafts while I was there. We didn't get to as many as we'd planned, or hoped for. We're bad that way. We always think we have more time than we do. I guess that's why we usually do five days to a week, not the two and a half we had this time!

So we did one craft together, stationary made from old sheet music. It's an unusual design, a triangular envelope that folds over a sheet of writing paper that's attached to the inside of the envelope. Each letter is sealed with a sticker, in this case a bar or two of music.

Here are a couple of pictures:

Front of the Envelopes

The paper we used for the writing sheet was that old-fashioned erasable typing paper, and I really like that you can see the music through it. We tried the front of the envelopes both with and without the "TO" and "FROM" and decided we like the printed version better.

To make the envelope, just take a large sheet of music, and measure out a square, using the width of the sheet to determine the length of the four sides. Cut the square on the diagonal to make two right triangles. Measure the longest side (hypotenuse), and divide by three to find where to fold the side points in. Fold the top point down until it touches the V made by the other two points.

The sticker we made by cutting out a bar or two of music and gluing it to a mailing label. Next time, I think I'll glue the little bit of music to a black or red background to make an edging, and make the sticker stand out better.

I do like this stationary! Now I want to do a different type fold...


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