Friday, March 25, 2011


I love this time of year, when Spring arrives and photographing fences becomes an excuse for taking pictures of what's in front of them! AND I got out of my car! My foul weather fence photography secret is I park across from the fence I've chosen, roll down the window, and shoot from there. What can I say? I have a strong distaste for being cold and wet!

Today's first fence:

At the left edge of the photo above, you can just make out the hellebore in these next three. Isn't it beautiful? I love the new varieties that have come out in the past several years!

Filters R Fun

How about bright yellow forsythia against a white picket fence? Is there a brighter harbinger of Spring?

Last one, an "owlish" fence on the next corner:

These photos are all much larger than they appear, sort of like things you see in your sideview mirror. Click on them to bring them up full-size.

Now it's your turn! Post your Friday Fence, and come back here with the URL, so I can come see it, too! (Make sure it's the permalink to the post itself, so I can find it.) You've got a whole week to bring back your link, so be sure you leave a comment, so I'll know to look. (By the way, I'd love it if you'd grab the button in my left sidebar for your own blog. Let's get more people, with more fences!)

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Re said...

Never heard of a helebore, but it sure is beautiful! Oh and I just love forsythia.

I always think of you when I see great fence post photo opportunities. Have taken some photo's myself, but have to find them cause this is a new computer.

Adding your avi to my blog with like back to the Friday Fence Post and participate myself. Fun!

Re said...

Ok, you got me and I made an entry! Life will never be the same. Thank you

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

Like Re, I have never heard of hellebore but it sure is beautiful!

That owlish fence is interesting -- what on earth is that? Some type of fabric? The wrought iron in front of it is cool too!

Might have to look into this Friday Fence Post thing... =)

Re said...

Thank you Ani, a compliment like the one you left on my post, coming from you, means much!

Donna said...

I like the white picket. The hellebore is beautiful.

Re said...

Where are you Ani? Missing you, hope things are good.

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