Thursday, March 10, 2011


This is a combination entry--First I'll show you the treasures I found this week, and then two ATCs I made using one of them.

Above are my treasures. (I also got some sheet music, but am not showing that, for no good reason.)

I was most excited, I think, about the spoons. They were in a ziplock baggie with a bunch of other stuff in multiple patterns, mostly cheap stainless. The estate sale people wanted $15 for the bag, but I wanted only the spoons. They're Mama's pattern, Oneida Brahms, and in a whole 'nuther class from the rest of the flatware. So, holding my breath so to speak, because you really can't talk while you do that, I asked the lady if I could just buy the spoons, and if so, how much they'd charge. She pulled them out, looked them over, said something about their being "cheap stainless like the rest", and I was given a price of $1. Not each. For the three of them.

Do you know what those puppies cost at I do. They are $30 each! It was all I could do not to tell the people at the estate sale what a great deal they'd given me. But discretion is the better part of valor, and I did not.

The next most exciting items were the old books. Here they are, opened to show a couple of pages. The one with the line drawings is what I got Tuesday's Take Out from, the lovely watercolor ladies. The other one, the geography book, is full of maps and illustrations, and I used two of the maps to make the ATCs below this photo.

That's it for today. As usual, I'm up a lot later than I intended, so I will now trundle off to bed, and sleep the sleep of the Very Tired.

Good night, and God rest on your pillow.


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