Thursday, March 24, 2011


No, this is not an entry about shopping 'til your bladder threatens to pop. It's about finding bladders on Etsy, proof enough for me that if it can be thought of, it will be created and sold on that most eclectic of websites.

I know what you're thinking. Why on earth would anyone be looking for bladders, on Etsy or anywhere else, for that matter? Well, in my case, it's because my DH had five, count 'em, five bladder tumors removed this Tuesday. There was supposed to be just one, but the CT scan lied. They're cancerous, but the doctor thinks they got all of it, and to make certain of that, they'll do some chemo of a rather strange (to me, at least) variety: A liquid infused with inactive tuberculosis germs will be put into the bladder, causing the DH's immune system to freak out and come rushing to destroy the germs, at which point the white cell minions will discover any cancer cells lurking and destroy them, too.That is the plan, and the doctor seems quite confident in it.

Three more finds:

Dr Kilmore's Swamp Root Bladder Cure (Mary's CrochetnMore)

Bladderwrack Pendant (CorryVrecken)

"I Laughed So Hard" Magnet (CrossEyedCatGifts)
Looking for bladders on Etsy taught me another thing: Bladders, unless they're the plant variety, seem to be inherently funny. I mean, honestly, can you even say, "bladders on Etsy" without smiling?


Mollye said...

Oh honey I didn't know he was having that type problem. Thank God they got them all. I will be praying for him to endure his treatments with little bad side effects. Yep bladders are a hoot alright. I had that surgery three months after beginning to date Punkin Darlin and that was really glamorous for him to help me with my catheter bag (dying of embarasment) and of me being such a crazy wild child freak of that time, went to the doc for my apt. and remember lying up on the table with my feet in stirups and still wearing Cowboy boots. Hello! Really? I was a mess back them. Yes, bladders do bring up strange rememberances for me. Love you both, Mollye

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