Saturday, March 26, 2011


Shhh. Don't tell anyone, but it's really Sunday. I didn't get the photos taken early enough to do this yesterday, so I'm pretending. And Blogger is so cooperative that way--you can tell it to post something on just any date you want, and it will do it. What will they think of next? Time machines! I know it!

I got several lovelies this week, beginning with a piece of mail art:

Mail Art Envie by MegaMar
 Don't you love it? Let me tell you, I went right out and got myself a unicyclist rubber stamp. Lucky me, too, 'cause Michaels had one for a dollar. Yes!

I also got this awesome chunky tag, created with a coffee theme because, well, you know me and coffee. That made me smile big.

"One Cup Is Never Enough!" by Tootheri

And then this darling ATC, with a fairy theme, in a perfectly wonderful holder. I need to figure out how she did that, but she glued it, and I don't want to destroy it in the figuring. Maybe steam? Hmmm...

Pink Fairy by BeverlyBling

And then, because my little collection of ATCs is growing, I picked up a funky old photo album at Goodwill. (Another $1 wonder!) The sleeves hold photos that are 3.5" X 5", perfect for two ATCs.

It's not beautiful, which makes me think there's a project lurking, and the sleeves, oddly enough, work much better if you put the ATCs at the back instead of the front, but I like it, because it let's me flip through and see them easily. A person could put four in each sleeve, but doing just two lets you see the back of each one, and who created it.

Also, the fact that the sleeves are double-sized means that ATCs with extras can be slipped in sideways so nothing gets smushed. (Would you believe Blogger thinks 'smushed' isn't a real word? Honestly, that's just silly. Of course, it is!)

Time ATC by Veronica

What about you? Did you send or receive art this week?


storybeader said...

gosh, I was just at Michael's on Sunday, and didn't look at the stamps. I don't get by their store much, since we don't have one in our town. Since I'm going away, I have to keep in mind sending mail art. Need to looking into this! Getting mail is oh so nice! {:-D

Splendid Little Stars said...

The best mail ever!
I'd like to make ATCs or ACEOs sometime in the near future. I have a tiny collection (made by others) right now.
Smushed is definitely a word! Blogger's vocabulary is apparently very limited. Let me tell you! Blogger does not even care to take responsibility, because "blogger's" is also not a word.

TiLT said...

You get the best mail :)
I did get myself a bunch of ATC/ACEO cards...but have yet to take the plunge & make no, no sending or receiving :P

roseworksjewelry said...

I love the chunky coffee tag!

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