Monday, January 25, 2010


This month's featured Etsy Blogger is Erika, otherwise known as Nico. She has a blog, and an Etsy shop, NicoDesigns, and they each merit the attention they're getting this month.

At her blog, you'll find tutorials, photos and descriptions of her new art, features on other artists, and her determination to help children and their families who are suffering from cancer. Some of the proceeds from her shop go to the Ronald McDonald House in her home state, which houses the families of children undergoing treatment at a nearby hospital. In addition to that, Erika has begun sewing quilts for the children. I think that is so lovely and wonderful of her!

And speaking of lovely and wonderful...I am in love with the baby shoes Erika makes! They make me yearn for a little one to give them to. Do you have a baby girl in your life? Look at these two examples:

Aren't they adorable?

And if you need a Valentine that's more than a card, NicoDesigns has some darling new pincushions in her shop, including this one:

Stop by and visit Nico/Erika. She truly deserves it!


NICO Designs said...

Thank YOu!!! You are very sweet and it is greatly appreciated.

storybeader said...

sweet post for a sweet etsyblogger! {:-Deb

tamdoll said...

Nice feature! I have been reading everyone's posts about NICO but hadn't seen the slippers yet, I will have to go take a look!

Splendid Little Stars said...

I love those items! Erika is so talented and creative!

UberArt and Emerson Bindery said...

I love seeing what each blogger chooses to feature of Nico's work! I didn't notice those cute little shoes before! (I picked Savannah, one of her art dolls!)

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