Friday, January 15, 2010


I'm going to give this "Picture a Day" thing another shot, and thought yesterday, my birthday would be a good day to restart it. Wish me luck!

Today's shot is of what I hope will be a solution to a bit of a problem: People laugh at, smile at, and rave about the Coffee Pot People, and little Tea Kettle Characters, but way too often, they walk away without buying. Now, I love the idea of Art for Art's Sake, but aside from the fact that I don't know who Art is or why I should create art for his sake, if I don't sell what I make I'll run out of places to put it. Worse than that, I might actually have to get a "real" job!

It occurred to me that the China and Mega Blossoms do sell well, and they're in the same price range as the Tea Kettle Characters. What's different? Well, for one thing, they have stems, and you ca "plant" them anywhere in the yard or garden you want. What if I gave the Tea Kettle Characters stems, too?

Today, I gave the first bunch fixtures into which stems could be inserted. If a person would rather they sat on a table, or on the ground, they can still do that, but now they can be placed on a stem instead. Here's a inside look:

Hope that's the key to my little puzzle!


majeral said...

I don't want to have to get a real job either, But "time=money' AND I HAVE TO MUCH OF ONE AND NOT ENOUGH OF THE OTHER.
MISS YOUR POSTS.. stay well

Mollye said...

Happy Birthday to You...Happy Birthday to You.
Happy Birthday Dear Ani...Happy Birthday to You.

I sure hope it was wonderful. Wish I was there in person to help you celebrate.

I am missing so much with working like this and now we will begin the 12 hour days. Have a great weekend girl, and your new creations......I can see them in little rock gardens with a posy or two and on outside tables or on the porch with a Sunflower. I think you're on to something. Your artwork is totally unique as are you. XXHugs, Mollye

storybeader said...

stems are a good idea... and advertising they can live outside is always helpful. I figure, don't have anymore room in the house to put anything, but out in the garden! That's another thing! The stems can also be used to hold watering hoses in place!

Is it a picture a day on the blog, or taking a photograph each day?

Susanne said...

Come and join my network "Picture a Day"!
Share and post photos, videos, texts, links - whatever you consider that represents your day best!

tamdoll said...

Happy Birthday!
I like the way you think. Figuring a way to make popular items more usable for customers (you're very enterprising!) It's rare to see an artist who's also very business minded. Everyone has to think of new ways to do business & I wonder if it's the internet and this strange way we have of virtual marketing.

Splendid Little Stars said...

Happy Birthday!
The photo itself is very intriguing. I think stems are a great idea!

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