Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ee Mai Ling, Coffee Pot Person

One of my favorite ladies:

There was a time, way way way back a long time ago, when personal computers existed primarily in the minds of young geeks with dreams. A lot of people thought they were pipe dreams. Most people couldn't imagine that one day virtually everybody, from small children to elderly grandparents, would have access to a computer and an email account. Email accounts? Don't think they had been invented yet.

So when Ee's parents named her Ee Mai Ling, it was just a beautiful name. It took thirty years for it to become a joke, she has heard it before, and if you have any sense at all, you won't make the quip yourself. Don't go there. Just do not go there.


michael said...

Wow, this is a great design for a coffee pot. I find this really interesting and the artistry one puts in making this coffee makersis simply awesome. Thanks for sharing with us interesting and informative posts!

Mokihana said...

Oh my gosh! She is just fabulous! I love her. I think Ollie is dang good looking, too. You are incredible.

I love Hermione.

I think I need someone at my house from your collection.

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