Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Well. Here we are. Time to make New Year’s Resolutions!

About half of us do that, did you know? A good many of the ones who make resolutions actually manage to stick with it through January, but fewer than half last more than six months.

I got to thinking about that, and wondering why. Maybe it’s because what we need is more habits, good habits. I’ve read it takes just twenty-one days to form a habit, and once you do, well, it’s a HABIT.

So if my goal is to become more organized, and it is, then I need a habit, or habits, that will foster organization, right? So now, I’m wondering what those habits would be, and I can think of several:

  • Put things away after using them
  • Check they calendar every day
  • Uh…have a calendar, or more specifically, a datebook
  • Make a schedule for creating art, running errands, keeping house, writing, etc.
  • Organize the spaces used for “life activities”—shop, sewing room, office, kitchen, etc.

I think making those things my new habits will be my New Year’s Resolution.

Okay, now you. You with the hot cuppa, sitting there, reading this. What will your new habits for 2010 be?

One last thing: I wanted to put an image in here of, you know, a hand writing a list on some cool old weathered paper, using a spiffy quill or something, but while I was looking for that I found the list above, and it's on a site where you can download all kinds of lists to help you get organized, for free! Here's a page full of calendar helpers, but poke around on the website--lots of great stuff!


Athena said...

My new habits are: getting healthier through exercise and eating. Since I'm turning 40 this year, I figure it's time to actually start doing that and sticking to it. Good luck with your habit-forming! ;)

storybeader said...

Anitra - your thinking is organized! And I can make you a datebook or a to do book... I just had to through that in.

Guess what!? You've been awarded the Kreativ Blogger award. You can pick up your award here:

sandy said...

I hear ya and agree, though most people think I am pretty organized, I'd like to be more organized.

I do have a calendar and am religious about using it, my difficulty is...the one is the kitchen is my bible, the one I see coming and going. But, if I put one in my purse I often don't get the same things on both calendars and find that to be a problem. So, I stopped carrying one which is sometimes a nuisance.

I would suggest getting your space organized first. I think that's the single thing that keeps me going.

Good luck with your goals. I didn't know it only takes 21 days to form a habit, sooooo with that in mind perhaps I should go take a walk today.

Congrats fellow award winner.
Happy New Year

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

These are great habits to form :)

I found getting a planner last year helped me tremendously!

majeral said...

About 4 years ago a friend sent me a datebook/organizer From BrushDance. It was the best one I have ever gotten I am on my 4th one now . Check them out.I keep my old one and am making them "a scrapbook of that year by adding personal notes and pictures." Being a hairdresser I was used to keeping a datebook and always ended up with everything I needed to get my job done plus.

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