Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Edith, Tea Room Owner, Former...

I have been so busy, and so absent! Things should slow down a bit now, though, even with two shows and a party this weekend. In the meantime, my apologies for being so neglectful of the Coffee Pot People's corner of the world!

To make it up to them, I'm going to spotlight a few of them, starting with Edith, who stars on the Christmas card called "The Christmas Pudding". (First card here: Coffee Pot People Celebrate Christmas)

Edith is actually featured full-time on this page, just to the right of this entry, but just in case that changes, I'll put her photo in here, too, with her story after it:

At first glance, Edith’s an easy read, with her frumpy clothes and frowsy hair. Then a person starts to look at those full, red, lips, and the tiny smile, the wide-eyed stare that can suddenly look so opaque, and a whisper of doubt begins to creep in. It registers that those very same clothes, that same hairstyle, used to be the very pinnacle of fashion and her carriage is poised, elegant. Who is this woman? What secrets lie under that matron’s hat?

If the truth be known (and very few do know it), Edith was once the premier Madame for her entire city, possibly her entire state. Times change though, and she abandoned that beloved (gasp!) career many years ago. They say. They also say the tea house she owns and runs now is remarkably small for the size of the building it occupies….


Athena said...

Oh, I love that story. Can't wait for more!

Mollye said...

Weeeelllllllllll let's see here now, just purely conjecture on my part but perhaps the lovely and seemingly demure and matronly Mademoiselle Edith has a creatively concealed backdoor entrance where she allows the most decreet of all guests in the city and possibly her entire state to still make their presence felt and to in turn "feel" the presence of those other guests hmmmm. 'ya know you just can't keep a good girl down, or can you? You go Edith!

majeral said...

Oh Dear I don't know if I should mention this or not. I met her, yup.. My first M-I-L was a "professional" lady in SF and they had a convention if you please. Well every "Lady of the evening" from around the nation came. Edith was very "lady like" and the other Lady's kind of well were not really nice to her. (I heard it was because she made lots of $$$$$ from some really important men.)
I thought they could have been nicer and maybe learned some now "tricks" to keep their clientele more interested in them. We my M-I-L agreed and sent me over to talk to her. (or income went up 45% that year)
Love ya Violet sends her love also..

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Love her story...but I love her name more :)

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