Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Craig, who plays banjo and guitar, and sings bass, in our band, Swappin' Lies, has a new piece of equipment. If I'd taken notes, I could tell you what it's called, but I didn't, so we'll cut right to the chase: It makes recording music, even when you're talking about four people and twice that many instruments, really, really easy. So we did! We recorded an entire Cd, of music both original and otherwise.

(Is this where I get to say, "We're awesome"?)

If you have a Cd full of music, it's nice to have art for it, and I got to be the one who came up with it. I owe a great deal of that to Barbra Sundquist, who very graciously allowed me to use one of her pieces as the basis for my own. I want to show off Ms Sundquist's artwork first, called "Watching Her Heart". It purely won mine.

Lorna, who sings alto/soprano and plays guitar and banjo, was the one to come up with a name for the Cd itself: Four-story Heart. As soon as she emailed the suggestion, I got a picture in my head of an old building, old windows, possibly with our faces looking out. A heart with windows in it was also a possibility. I went looking for pictures of hearts, which is what I was doing when I found Barbra's website, and "Watching Her Heart". It shaped my focus.

I had started a search for the windows I'd need when I realized I already had them, on the buildings I'd photographed just a few months ago. ( Decrepit ) Once that popped into my head, the rest was just a matter of (hours and hours!) of PhotoShopping.

This is the color version, for the jewel case. I've extended both ends, to allow for the insertion of track titles and the like:

I used LightScribe to burn the image on the Cd's themselves. LightScribe does only black and white, but the disks come in different colors, so depending on the disks you buy, you'll get black and a color. I chose the gold ones, which give a sepia look.


Barbra Sundquist said...

Hi Anitra,
Thanks for the mention, and I like what you did with the image!

Barbra Sundquist said...

Hi again Anitra,

Just wanted to let you know that I have a new website. The link that you have to my old site no longer works, so would you please update it to

Thanks very much!

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