Monday, December 15, 2008


'Tis the season to wrap presents! It's a chore that never seems very chore-like to me. In fact, if I start early enough not to be rushed, it's quite a pleasant activity.

Have I mentioned I have new gift bags? I've been making them from oversized fabric swatches from the various interior design houses here in town. Today I wrapped gifts in two styles of the bags, and decided to put up small tutorials about it.

I will have both fabric bag styles on Etsy later; in the meantime, if you're interested in them, just drop me an email or a comment or something!

I chose a wine bag for the first gift, which wasn't a bottle of wine. It wasn't a bottle of anything. It makes me think naming a bag "wine bag" just because a wine bottle fits well in it is a bit too limiting.

Here's my collection of items needed:

Wine bag, gift, extra bow (optional)

Put the gift (in this case a can of candy) in the bag

Fold the top of the bag down, and tie the cord around the gift.

If you like, tie on a bow, arranging the loops and cord ends prettily.

It's about as easy a gift wrap as I've ever done, it's green, being from recycled materials, and hopefully the recipient will reuse the bag, which makes it even more green. Easy, green, and almost sure to be reused--that's a formula that makes me smile.


Mark said...
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Mokihana said...

What a great idea! And I could easily make my own bags, too, out of Hawaiian fabric! whoot!

DrD said...

ohhhh - Almond Rocca - Momma loves that!

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