Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Admission: Lame title. Just couldn't think of anything better.

I have more gift wrapping to do, but my new fabric gift bags make it so simple! Pretty, too. So I'm sharing, and again letting the news out: These bags will be in my Etsy store in due time, but let me know if you want some, and I'll make "due time" arrive more quickly!

Here's one way to use the gift bags:

Start with one of my gift bags.

A close-up to show the streamers sewn into the bottom seam

Fold gift to fit the width of the bag, then insert

Finger-pleat the top of the bag down to the gift

Tie the streamers in a bow. Done!

A second look for the same type bag, this time with a flat gift, a book, to be specific:

Take a bag and a book

Put the book in the bag, then fold the top corners of the bag down to form a a point

Fold the top down, bring the streamers up around the gift, and tie a bow. Done!

I'm wrapping gifts again on this day of snowflakes and ice, so there'll be more gift wrapping to show off later!



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