Friday, December 12, 2008


Just one fence this Friday. I had a fence in mind to photograph, but didn't get to it, instead spending the day at home, kind of disjointedly putzing around, waiting to hear if the chest pains Mama was having were a heart attack. She's in ICU tonight, with just one other patient there. They're keeping a close watch on her, but the doctor doesn't really know what's causing her distress. Two of the five enzymes that indicate a heart attack are present in her blood, but not the biggest tattle tale enzyme they look for. Hopefully, she'll be home tomorrow.

Yesterday was one year since Daddy's death, so this may be a reawakening of all the grief, and a fresh immersion in memories and longing. Their anniversary was last week. It would have been their 65th, if I'm counting right. (Let's older brother would be three years older than me, which would make

I loved the view of a garden in bloom through the lattice "windows" of this fence. Isn't it pretty?


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