Tuesday, December 9, 2008


The EtsyBloggers Team is featuring SpottedCowSoaps this month. She's also known as Ms Moo.

I'm realizing while I type that both names have associations for me, SpottedCow because of the little bit of doggerel my dd used to recite:

I never saw a purple cow.
I hope I never see one.
But if there is a purple cow,
I'd rather see than be one!

and Ms Moo because my nickname for one o my granddaughters is Mickey Moo.

That's a bit off topic, though, isn't it? Or as my high school English teacher would often say, "but I digress". (He was great that way. Never knew what subject we'd be getting, but it was always interesting.)

Ms Moo creates a lovely-wonderful line of soaps and scrubs, with most everything looking good enough to eat, although wash clothes haven't been on the menu for me yet. But scrubbies? The way she packages them, on top of handmade soaps to look like frosting on a cupcake? Maybe you wouldn't actually put them in your mouth, but you'd sure have them to your nose!

Below is an Etsy mini for Ms Moo's store. You can click on any image and be taken right to that article, and from there poke around and explore. (Can you say "Stocking Stuffers"?) There's something for everyone, guaranteed!

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