Thursday, August 28, 2008


When's the last time you walked into a bathroom and said, "Wow. This is fabulous,"? For me, it was Sunday, towards the end of my grandson's birthday party. Let me tell you, my daughter-in-law is amazing, just amazing.

I hadn't been to the house since Kristy finished the kids' bathroom, and I was so impressed I ran downstairs to grab the camera.

Here's what Kristy had done:

First, paint the whole room deep, bright, turquoise, and then swirl white in waves with a dry brush:

Add some fishy wall art (aka Wallies)

For an underwater look, do the ceiling, too.

Pin Teeny Beanies to the wall and ceiling

Continue the theme with an octopus on the counter

Stencil a quote on the wall, and add fish-themed bath towels

Top with a colorful shower curtain and overlapping rugs


T.Allen-Mercado said...

This is beautiful, it's almost a shame to use it to go potty. :P

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