Sunday, August 17, 2008


There are people, and I know this for a fact, for whom staying organized comes naturally. Some of them are even near relatives--my Mama, my niece Cathy, two of my daughters. Maybe I'm a foundling. For me, organization is a struggle, but I comfort myself with the fact that I do struggle. Constantly.

Luckily, the struggle is sometimes quite pleasant. Today I sorted buttons.

I used to have a fairly large stash of buttons. Then I started making bracelets from them

I've made quite a few of the bracelets now, and sold all but these, plus one I won't sell because one of the buttons is special to me, a gift from Mama. So now, bunches of bracelets later, my stash has, well, grown. I have more buttons now than when I started!

It's funny, and interesting, and wonderful, but once you start using a particular recycled material, people start gifting you with it! I have many of Mama's buttons now, from her stash that dates back decades, and all of Auntie Jewel's, similarly vintage, and jars and baggies of others acquired elsewhere.

A quiet afternoon at the table in my blessedly cool basement was definitely in order today.


SisterDG said...

Best use of an afternoon ever! And I love your bracelets!

Diane ~Ever so Dear jewelry said...

beautiful bracelets! your post brought to mind of some beautiful buttoms that i have stashed somewhere among my beads...think I'll hunt them down! :)

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