Friday, August 1, 2008


As far as I'm concerned, any vacation, anywhere, has to include visits to every thrift store in the area. Our trip to Hood River, for Lavender Daze, was no exception and Mama and I hit (hold onto your hats) all both. We made up for the dearth of stores by going to one of the them twice. No kidding. In one day.

We found some serious scores, but arguably the best thing we found was something we didn't buy, because it was an easy (really, really easy!), cheap (really, really cheap!) way to keep flies out of the house.

In the picture below, you can see two screen doors, the black one we paid good money for, which is useless a good part of the day because we leave it open so the dog doesn't drive us crazy wanting in and out and in and out take my point, I'm sure....

And the other one, the one I put up yesterday, the one that looks like two sandwich bags full of water.

Water, water, everywhere. To a fly's eyes.

Yup. That's my other screen door.

Apparently, because a fly's eyes are compound, made up of hundreds of lenses,

Image from ThinFilmsBlog

the baggies will not be seen as little containers of water, but as an entire wall, filling the doorway. I got to watch the action after putting the "screen door" up last night, because I didn't remember it until after we had let in a couple. DH and I sat at the table and watched one head repeatedly for the out-of-doors, only to veer away from the door when it got near the bags. Is that cool or what?

Try it. No tools involved, and next to no money. You could even use bags that had already been used for something else. Just fill two with water, zip shut, and tack to the door jam. E-Z breezy, so to speak.


SisterDG said...

Dang, that's just crazy-amazing!

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