Thursday, August 5, 2010


Don't you just love thrift stores, and flea markets, and all the other places where you can gather treasures on the cheap? Here are some of this week's finds.

I got the beautiful box above at the best price ever: FREE. Somebody threw it away, and another person rescued it and passed it along to me! Awesome. And it is a box. Here's the mirrored inside, with metallic gold painted compartments:

Also picked up this beautiful purse, with its shantung "silk" lining, which has a drawstring and forms that lovely "pouf" at the top. It was 40% off $4, which means I got it for about $2.50. The brightly printed tin next to it was $0.99. Don't know what I'll do with it, but for a dollar, it was too pretty to pass up.

Last, this darling little angel, less than three dollars, and the beautiful dish for fifty cents!

The angel is for my bedroom, which already has twenty or so. Or I might give it to Mama, who also has a thing for vintage angels. The dish will, I'm pretty sure, become the base of a Mega Blossom--can hardly wait to get creating with it!

Eeek. Supposed to be somewhere in forty minutes! May all your days contain JOY.


Barbara Jean said...


I love the box you got! It is so lovely, and a box too. Even better.

Thanks for coming by my place.
Monopoly is our favorite game right now. We played again last family day.

Have fun with your granddaughter.

MOLLYE said...

Oh the little purse is adorable. Very chic. Have a happy weekend sister, XXXMollye

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

You got some remarkable finds. I somehow don't manage anything that beautiful. My finds look more like junk. I love that vintage angel. I know your mom will love it, if she hasn't seen it already.

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